Fee Structure

Flexible pricing and membership options to suit your business requirements.

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Don't have your own ticketing platform?No problem. Utilise our ticketing software solution

Pay as you go

  • Ideal for one off event placement
  • No contracts
  • No ongoing fees
  • Per ticket pricing
  • Free for free events

Service Fee 2.25%
Processing Fee 1.75% + 30c
Min $1 spend per ticket sold

Corporate Licence

  • Large events
  • Perfect for multiple or recurring event hosting needs
  • One off fee in place of Admin fee

$4,999 per year
Price excludes GST and payment processing fee

Already have your own ticketing platform? Increase your exposure & advertise your event with us.

Pay as you go

  • Ideal for one off event advertisements
  • No contracts
  • No ongoing fees
  • Per event pricing

Price excludes GST and payment processing fee

Unlimited Advertising

  • Perfect for multiple or recurring event advertising needs
  • One off, annual fee
  • Unlimited use

$1,499 per year
Price excludes GST and payment processing fee

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receiving revenue from my event?

We will reconcile and release your revenue payment 3 days following the date your event was held. From there our gateway provider will process our transaction request. This process currently takes 3 days meaning you should receive your revenue 6 days following the day your event was held.

Who pays for the different fees?

The Service fee is absorbed into your ticket sale price and the payment processing fee is paid for by the ticket purchaser.

We absorb the Service fee into the sale price to keep things simple for your customers. All they will see at the checkout is the cost of the ticket plus the payment processing fee (credit/debit card fee).

What is the difference between an admin fee and payment processing fee?

Our Service fee is the nominal sum paid to Network PD which is providing the event hosting service to you. This covers business operating costs and the continual enhancement of our product and the user experience.

The Payment Processing fee covers the cost of paying with a credit or debit card. This cost is set by, and paid directly to, our gateway provider who facilitates the financial transaction. This fee covers the charges from the respective credit or debit card provider.

Which pricing option is the best for me?

There are a few different options, here. Firstly, do you wish to use Network PD’s ticketing and management platform or do you have your own platform? Secondly, how many events do you think you will create during the next 12 months? To help with pricing comparisons we have created a calculator to ensure you receive the most cost appropriate option for you and your business.

If you have your own platform, then Network PD acts as an advertising tool for you. During set up, we will help you to organise a link back to your own website where the event application process can begin. With this option, you can choose to either advertise on a ‘pay as you go’ arrangement or, for larger advertisers, organise an unlimited usage annual subscription.

If you wish to use Network PD’s powerful ticketing platform, then you are provided with two options; ‘pay as you go’ or choose an annual subscription. By using our platform, you have access to a suite of data analytics and revenue tracking tools. We will help you sell tickets, track and report on sales, and manage your revenue and on costs on your behalf.

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