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Have you ever had the courage to think about breaking away from the corporate 9 – 5?

Perhaps you, like me in the past, feel that there is a better way. A better way to spend your time, share your knowledge, and structure your life.

Or perhaps, the decision has been thrust upon you. Organisations readily restructure, look for cost efficiencies, and create uncertainty. Whether you have been impacted directly or not, I bet you have certainly felt, at times, like you aren’t in control.

Or, it might be that none of this applies to you. You might have an existing business looking to expand and offer educational services.

You might even be a student, wishing to generate some additional income through tutoring.

Where ever you are in your career journey, if sharing your knowledge interests you, you are welcome to connect with me.

About Me

Hi, I’m Brad. Co-founder at Network PD.

For the first 18 years of my career, I worked in corporate human resources. I had been fortunate enough to ride the highs and lows of global corporate life. There is no doubt that I had a career which far exceeded any of my expectations. I travelled the world facilitating leadership workshops, provided executive leadership with bespoke career programs, and worked with business leaders to build people solutions which support commercial goals.

I worked hard at understanding how people engage and grow, I actively mentored people at various career stages, and taught coaching programs and concepts to aspiring leaders.

From the outside in, my career was perfect. I earned incredible money, had platinum airline memberships across multiple carrier programs, and I advised on people topics to executive leaders, including the CEO of a global public company.

I achieved my overall career goal at age 37.

Since then, I had a strong desire to do something different. I stopped caring about the money. I didn’t want to travel because I had (and still have) a young family, and I started to resent long hours and working across multiple time-zones.

I also thought about what I am good at and why I hesitated to step away from my comfort zone. This is what I determined:

  1. What excites me is hearing about other people’s backgrounds. Why they behave, think, and act the way they do. I believe that knowing someone’s past helps to create a plan on building a future. If you do this with a meaningful approach, you can establish crystal clear goals.
  2. I never felt there was a path for people like me to start a knowledge sharing business (i.e., side-hustle) without taking substantial risk. I founded Network PD because it’s what I needed; no costs to start, no subscriptions, and personal support from someone who knows people and the training space.
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Free discovery call with Network PD founder and people development expert, Brad McPaul. Explore how you can start your own knowledge based business today.


Discovery Discussion with Brad

Connect with me if you are thinking about starting a consulting or coaching business, side-hustle in the education space, or online education.

As a people development expert, coach and training specialist, I can help you define a path to achieve your goals. Whether you end up using Network PD or not is irrelevant to me. I gain personal satisfaction helping others create clarity in their careers. It’s what I enjoyed about my two decades in corporate HR.


Timezone: Australia/Brisbane (GMT+10:00)

Event Venue: Online

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