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Frequently Asked Questions

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Network PD is a learning experience platform. We provide tools which help instructors create meaningful learning interactions and programs for their customers.  Instructors can sell or share these experiences with prospective audiences and generate revenue.

Our instructors can build feature rich eLearning courses and programs, host virtual meetings, assess progress and competence, and celebrate success.

Also, instructors can create and sell tickets to professional development events and schedule bookings for coaching or consulting services.

Getting started is simple, and free. Click sign-up on the top right corner of our website. After you complete the brief registration, you will have complete access to your own personal dashboard.

If you wish to create learning experiences, click on ‘become an instructor’. Your profile will be updated immediately, and you can start creating. Watch out for an email from us with resources to get you moving in the right direction.

Network PD has been designed specifically to support effective learning for our instructors’ customers. We are learning experts, so we know how people grow, and the tools required to facilitate this growth better than anyone else.

For piece of mind, here is why we are the best partner for you:

  • Create genuine layered learning experiences from feature rich self-paced course work to in person or virtual interactions and events.
  • No subscriptions, no tiered pricing, and no hidden costs. We share in your success by deducting a small commission from each sale.
  • Free course work and events are completely free.
  • Payout revenue on your terms because it’s your money.
  • We are local, contactable, and learning experts. Use our resources and connect with us.

Click here to connect with us. 

You can also sign up for free and access our instructors only resources page which includes how-to videos.

We deduct commissions from revenue created via sales. This means that there are no up-front fees, no subscriptions and getting started carries no financial commitment. For transparency, our fees are as follow:

Events and bookings: 4.6% + 49 cents of each ticket sold. Minimum cost per ticket is $1.

eLearning programs: 18% of the total sale price.

No commissions or other costs are charged for free events, bookings, or eLearning programs.

Network PD has a fully integrated financial infrastructure solution with Stripe.  We collect your revenue from customers using Stripe’s secure payment gateway (which is fully integrated on Network PD). Using a global market leader to facilitate payments allows Network PD to focus on learning experiences, whilst Stripe ensure compliance and security.

Network PD uses Stripe to collect and distribute your revenue. After you set up your instructor profile, navigate to Settings on the menu panel.

  • Select Withdraw from the menu options.
  • Tick the Stripe Box.
  • If you have a business name and website, enter this information. If not, please leave blank.
  • Click Save Withdrawal Account.
  • You will be redirected to Stripe’s onboarding and verification process. Completing this step will allow you to receive revenue you have made from selling learning experiences.

Once complete, navigate to Wallet in the menu panel to view a summary of your earnings. You can process withdraw requests on this page.

If you need to reset your password, you can follow one of two options:

  1. Select Forgot my password from the sign-in screen and follow the prompts to select a new password.
  2. On your dashboard, navigate to Settings > Password. Enter your current password and a replacement password. Click Reset Password.