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Our introductory course is suited to any new Instructor looking to create learning experiences with Network PD.

Module 1: Self-Reflection for Success The course begins with a focus on self-reflection, emphasizing the importance of instructors understanding their goals, passions, and desired impact. Participants are guided through the process of goal setting, self-assessment, and the creation of realistic options to leverage strengths. The lesson concludes with an exploration of personal commitment and willpower.

Module 2: Creating Learning Experiences Lesson 2 introduces the Network PD platform, providing participants with the tools to create flexible learning experiences. The module covers the creation of eLearning courses and events, emphasizing the incorporation of video lessons, reinforcement opportunities, and practical recommendations. The concept of layering services to enhance the learning experience over time is also highlighted.

Module 3: Building a Community The final lesson underscores the importance of building a community around courses and events. It explores the power of social networking platforms like LinkedIn in attracting engaged individuals who become brand advocates. Practical tips are provided for optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and the significance of content marketing strategies, including valuable content creation and community engagement, is discussed.

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Start your instructor journey by taking time to watch our introductory video content.

Course Content

Welcome and Learning Objectives
Welcome to Learning Experience Fundamentals. We will provide a brief summary of the topics covered in this course.

Module 1: Self Reflection
Join us on a self-reflection journey, to ensure you have a plan in place before launching your learning experience.

Module 2: Creating Learning Experiences
After initial planning and self-reflection, we want you to have a clear understanding of Network PD's offering. In this module, we break down exactly what we offer and how you can use our platform.

Building Your Community
To be successful as a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to market your own capabilities, be seen as a trusted expert, and build a community. We explore the foundations to get you started.

What Will You Learn?

  • Getting started - reflecting on your strengths, establishing goals and making a commitment.
  • Using our platform - what can you do on Network PD.
  • Building your community - how to get started.

Material Includes

  • These videos are designed to be a starting point for our instructors.


  • This course is provided free for Network PD Instructors.
  • For additional support, please reach out via our 'contact us' form.


  • New Instructors to Network PD.
  • Entrepreneurs, management consultants, small business owners, trainers


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