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Your learning journey is guided by your position, the company you work for, the industry you work in and most likely a myriad of other things. Moreover, you probably think about your future and ask yourself questions like; where do I want to go, how do I get there, do I really want to work in this career until I retire?

It’s these questions which lead to the establishment of Network PD. And whilst physical and virtual learning based events aren’t new, we believe we can support better learning environments because we understand how people learn.

So, what does Network PD actually do?

If you plan on investing your time and possibly money on a training course, networking event or similar, we want to help the event host provide you with a complete, valuable learning experience.

Network PD helps coordinate everything from a seamless registration process, to pre and post event interactions, learning activities and helpful take-aways. 

Sometimes, having a great experience is as simple as knowing how to communicate with the event host. Perhaps receiving pre-event information or being asked your learning objectives might just make the event more powerful. 

The thing is, our background is people development. We know that to grow skills, capabilities or gain greater insights requires more than signing up to an event and turning up on the day. It’s this value added approach which helps our event hosts provide you with a memorable and value added event.


So what are you waiting for?

Find an event that interests you or helps you grow your career.